Anticulture Records

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Anticulture Records
Founded 2003
Distributor(s) RSK, Plastichead,
Genre Heavy metal
Country of origin England
Location Northampton, England
Official website

Anticulture Records Ltd was a record label based in Northampton, England which dealt mostly with heavy metal, Industrial and Breakcore music.

The first formal release for Anticulture was Gutworm's 'Ruin The Memory' album in April 2004.

The first release of anything was Ritual of Hates 'We kill our young' EP.

The label ceased trading in 2011.

Past Artists[edit]

Current Releases[edit]

  • ACCD01 - Gutworm 'Ruin The Memory'
  • ACCD02 - The Inbreds 'Groove Drenched Warfare'
  • ACCD03 - Happy Face 'Le Tigre'
  • ACCD04 - The Final Sigh 'If You're Not Part Of The Solution, You're Part Of The Problem'
  • ACCD05 - Interlock 'Crisis//Reinvention'
  • ACCD06 - Miksha 'Collect Your Hazardous Waste'
  • ACCD07 - Zero Cipher 'Diary Of A Sadist'
  • ACCD08 - Kingsize Blues 'Live Fast & Die' EP
  • ACCD09 - ArnoCorps 'The Greatest Band Of All Time'
  • ACCD10 - Interlock 'Skinless Remixes' EP
  • ACCD11 - Tangaroa 'Day' EP
  • ACCD13 - Slit 'Ode To Silence'
  • ACCD14 - The Senseless 'The Realm Of The Senseless'
  • ACCD15 - Machinochrist 'Escape From Woolwich Arsenal'
  • ACCD17 - Malefice 'Entities'
  • ACCD18 - The Grieving Process 'Assimilated Deformation' EP
  • ACCD20 - Gutworm 'Disfigured Narcissus'
  • ACCD21 - Tangaroa 'One Hand For The Throat, One Hand For The Knife'
  • ACCD23 - Infected Malignity 'Re:bel' EP
  • ACCD24 - Corporation 187 'Newcomers Of Sin'
  • ACCD25 - Gloomy Grim 'Under The Spell Of The Unlight'
  • ACCD26 - Nailed 'Hatred, Failure & The Extinction Of Mankind'
  • ACCD27 - Reth 'Precursors To Extinction' EP
  • ACCD28 - Evisorax 'Enclave'

Forthcoming Releases[edit]

  • ACCDxx - ArnoCorps 'The Ballsy EP'

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