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The following Confederate States Army units and commanders fought in the Battle of Antietam of the American Civil War. The Union order of battle is listed separately. Order of battle compiled from the army organization[1] during the campaign,[2] the casualty returns[3] and the reports.[4]

Abbreviations used[edit]

Military rank[edit]


Army of Northern Virginia[edit]

Gen Robert E. Lee

Right Wing[edit]

MG James Longstreet

Division Brigade Regiments and Others

McLaws' Division
     MG Lafayette McLaws

Kershaw's Brigade

   BG Joseph B. Kershaw

Cobb's Brigade

   Ltc Christopher C. Sanders[5]
   Ltc William MacRae

Semmes' Brigade

   BG Paul J. Semmes

  • 10th Georgia: Maj Willis C. Holt (w), Cpt William Johnston (w), Cpt Philologus H. Loud (w)
  • 53rd Georgia: Ltc Thomas Sloan (mw), Cpt Samuel W. Marshborne
  • 15th Virginia: Cpt Emmett M. Morrison (w), Cpt Edward J. Willis
  • 32nd Virginia: Col Edgar B. Montague
Barksdale's Brigade

   BG William Barksdale


   Maj Samuel P. Hamilton
   Col Henry C. Cabell[8]

  • Manly's (1st North Carolina, Battery A) Battery: Cpt Basil C. Manly
  • Pulaski (Georgia) Artillery: Cpt John P. W. Read
  • Richmond (Fayette) Artillery: Cpt Miles C. Macon
  • Richmond Howitzers, 1st Company: Cpt Edward S. McCarthy
  • Troup (Georgia) Artillery: Cpt Henry H. Carlton

Anderson's Division
     MG Richard H. Anderson (w)
     BG Roger A. Pryor

Wilcox's Brigade

   Col Alfred Cumming (w)
   Maj Hilary A. Herbert
   Cpt James M. Crow

Mahone's Brigade[9]

   Col William A. Parham

Featherston's Brigade[10]

   Col Carnot Posey

  • 12th Mississippi: Col William H. Taylor
  • 16th Mississippi: Cpt Abram M. Feltus
  • 19th Mississippi: Col Nathaniel H. Harris (w)
  • 2nd Mississippi Battalion: Maj William S. Wilson (mw)
Armistead's Brigade

   BG Lewis A. Armistead (w)
   Col James G. Hodges

Pryor's Brigade

   BG Roger A. Pryor
   Col John C. Hately (w)

Wright's Brigade

   BG Ambrose R. Wright (w)
   Col Robert H. Jones (w)
   Col William Gibson

  • 44th Alabama: Ltc Charles A. Derby (k), Maj William F. Perry
  • 3rd Georgia: Cpt Reuben B. Nisbit (w), Cpt John T. Jones
  • 22nd Georgia: Col Robert H. Jones (w), Cpt Lawrence D. Lallerstedt (w)
  • 48th Georgia: Col William Gibson

   Maj John S. Saunders

  • Donaldsonville (Louisiana) Artillery: Cpt Victor Maurin
  • Norfolk (Virginia) Artillery (Huger's Battery): Lt Charles R. Phelps
  • Moorman's (Virginia) Battery: Cpt Marcellus N. Moorman
  • Portsmouth (Virginia) Artillery: Cpt Cary F. Grimes (k)
  • Dixie (Virginia) Artillery: Cpt William H. Chapman

Jones' Division
     BG David R. Jones

Toombs' Brigade

   BG Robert Toombs (w)[11]
   Col Henry L. Benning

  • 2nd Georgia: Ltc William R. Holmes (k), Maj Skidmore Harris (w), Cpt Abner M. Lewis
  • 15th Georgia: Col William T. Millican (mw), Cpt Thomas H. Jackson
  • 17th Georgia: Cpt John A. McGregor
  • 20th Georgia: Col John B. Cumming
Drayton's Brigade

   BG Thomas F. Drayton

Pickett's Brigade

   BG Richard B. Garnett

Kemper's Brigade

   BG James L. Kemper

Jenkins' Brigade

   Col Joseph Walker

  • 1st South Carolina (Volunteers): Ltc Daniel Livingston (w)
  • 2nd South Carolina Rifles: Col Robert A. Thompson
  • 5th South Carolina: Cpt Thomas C. Beckham
  • 6th South Carolina: Cpt Edward B. Cantey (w)
  • 4th South Carolina Battalion: Lt W. T. Field
  • Palmetto (South Carolina) Sharpshooters: Cpt Alfred H. Foster (w), Cpt Franklin W. Kirkpatrick
Jones' Brigade

   Col George T. Anderson

  • 1st Georgia (Regulars): Col William J. Magill (w), Cpt Richard A. Wayne
  • 7th Georgia: Col George H. Carmical
  • 8th Georgia: Col John R. Towers
  • 9th Georgia: Ltc John C. L. Mounger (w)
  • 11th Georgia: Maj Francis H. Little[15]
  • Wise (Virginia) Artillery: Cpt James S. Brown

Walker's Division
     BG John G. Walker

Walker's Brigade

   Col Van H. Manning (w)
   Col Edward D. Hall

  • 3rd Arkansas: Cpt John W. Reedy
  • 27th North Carolina: Col John R. Cooke
  • 46th North Carolina: Col Edward D. Hall, Ltc William A. Jenkins
  • 48th North Carolina: Col Robert C. Hill
  • 30th Virginia: Ltc Robert S. Chew (w)
  • French's (Virginia) Battery: Cpt Thomas B. French
Ransom's Brigade

   BG Robert Ransom, Jr.

  • 24th North Carolina: Ltc John L. Harris
  • 25th North Carolina: Col Henry M. Rutledge
  • 35th North Carolina: Col Matt W. Ransom
  • 49th North Carolina: Ltc Leroy M. McAfee
  • Branch's (Virginia) Battery: Cpt James R. Branch

Hood's Division
     BG John B. Hood

Hood's Brigade

   Col William T. Wofford

Whiting's Brigade[17]

   Col Evander M. Law

  • 4th Alabama: Cpt Lawrence H. Scruggs (w), Cpt William M. Robbins
  • 2nd Mississippi: Col John M. Stone (w), Lt William C. Moody
  • 11th Mississippi: Ltc Samuel F. Butler (mw), Maj Taliaferro S. Evans (k)
  • 6th North Carolina: Maj Robert F. Webb (w)

   Maj Bushrod W. Frobel

  • German (South Carolina) Artillery: Cpt William K. Bachman
  • Palmetto (South Carolina) Artillery: Cpt Hugh R. Garden
  • Rowan (North Carolina) Artillery: Cpt James Reilly
Reporting directly Evans' Brigade

   BG Nathan G. Evans
   Col Peter F. Stevens[18] (w)

  • 17th South Carolina: Col Fitz W. McMaster
  • 18th South Carolina: Col William H. Wallace
  • 22nd South Carolina: Maj Miel Hilton
  • 23rd South Carolina: Lt E. R. White
  • Holcombe (South Carolina) Legion: Col Peter F. Stevens
  • Macbeth (South Carolina) Artillery: Cpt Robert Boyce

Reserve Artillery

Washington (Louisiana) Artillery

   Col James B. Walton

  • 1st Company: Cpt Charles W. Squires
  • 2nd Company: Cpt John B. Richardson
  • 3rd Company: Cpt Merritt B. Miller
  • 4th Company: Cpt Benjamin F. Eshleman
Lee's Battalion

   Col Stephen D. Lee

  • Ashland (Virginia) Artillery: Cpt Pichegru Woolfolk, Jr.
  • Bedford (Virginia) Artillery: Cpt Tyler C. Jordan
  • Brooks (South Carolina) Artillery (Rhett's Battery): Lt William Elliott
  • Eubank's (Virginia) Battery: Cpt John L. Eubank
  • Madison (Louisiana) Light Artillery: Cpt George V. Moody
  • Parker's (Virginia) Battery: Cpt William W. Parker

Left Wing[edit]

MG Thomas J. Jackson

Chief of Artillery: Col Stapleton Crutchfield


Division Brigade Regiments and Others

Ewell's Division
     BG Alexander Lawton (w)
     BG Jubal A. Early

Lawton's Brigade

   Col Marcellus Douglass (k)
   Maj John H. Lowe
   Col John H. Lamar

  • 13th Georgia: Cpt D. A. Kidd
  • 26th Georgia
  • 31st Georgia: Ltc John T. Crowder (w), Maj John H. Lowe
  • 38th Georgia: Cpt William H. Battey (k), Cpt Peter Brennan
  • 60th Georgia: Maj Waters B. Jones
  • 61st Georgia: Col John H. Lamar, Maj Archibald P. McRae (k)
Early's Brigade

   BG Jubal A. Early
   Col William Smith (w)

Trimble's Brigade

   Col James A. Walker (w)

  • 15th Alabama: Cpt Isaac B. Feagin
  • 12th Georgia: Cpt James G. Rogers (k), Cpt John T. Carson
  • 21st Georgia: Maj Thomas C. Glover (w), Cpt James C. Nisbit
  • 21st North Carolina: Cpt F. P. Miller (k)
  • 1st North Carolina Battalion Sharpshooters[19]
Hays' Brigade

   BG Harry T. Hays

  • 5th Louisiana: Col Henry Forno
  • 6th Louisiana: Col Henry B. Strong (k)
  • 7th Louisiana
  • 8th Louisiana: Ltc Trevanion D. Lewis (w)
  • 14th Louisiana

   Maj Alfred R. Courtney

  • Johnson's (Virginia) Battery: Cpt John R. Johnson
  • Louisiana Guard Artillery: Cpt Louis E. D'Aquin

A. P. Hill's Light Division[21]
     MG Ambrose P. Hill

Branch's Brigade

   BG Lawrence O. Branch (k)
   Col James H. Lane

  • 7th North Carolina: Col Edward G. Haywood
  • 18th North Carolina: Ltc Thomas J. Purdie
  • 28th North Carolina: Col James H. Lane, Maj William J. Montgomery
  • 33rd North Carolina: Ltc Robert F. Hoke
  • 37th North Carolina: Cpt William G. Morris
Gregg's Brigade

   BG Maxcy Gregg (w)

  • 1st South Carolina (Provisional Army): Col Daniel H. Hamilton, Sr.
  • 1st South Carolina Rifles: Ltc James M. Perrin (w)
  • 12th South Carolina: Col Dixon Barnes (mw), Maj William H. McCorkle
  • 13th South Carolina: Col Oliver E. Edwards
  • 14th South Carolina: Ltc William D. Simpson
Field's Brigade

   Col John M. Brockenbrough

Archer's Brigade

   BG James J. Archer
   Col Peter Turney[22]

  • 5th Alabama Battalion: Cpt Charles M. Hooper
  • 19th Georgia: Maj James H. Neal
  • 1st Tennessee (Provisional Army): Col Peter Turney
  • 7th Tennessee: Lt George A. Howard
  • 14th Tennessee: Col William McComb (w), Ltc James W. Lockert
Pender's Brigade

   BG William D. Pender

  • 16th North Carolina: Ltc William A. Stowe
  • 22nd North Carolina: Maj Christopher C. Cole
  • 34th North Carolina: Ltc John McDowell
  • 38th North Carolina

   Ltc R. Lindsay Walker

  • Pee Dee (South Carolina) Artillery: Cpt David G. McIntosh
  • Crenshaw's (Virginia) Battery: Cpt William G. Crenshaw
  • Fredericksburg (Virginia) Artillery: Cpt Carter M. Braxton
  • Purcell (Virginia) Artillery: Cpt William R. J. Pegram

Jackson's Division
     BG John R. Jones (w)
     BG William E. Starke (k)
     Col Andrew J. Grigsby

Winder's Brigade[24]

   Col Andrew J. Grigsby
   Ltc Robert D. Gardner (w)
   Maj Hazael J. Williams

Taliaferro's Brigade

   Col Edward T. H. Warren
   Col James W. Jackson (w)
   Col James L. Sheffield

Jones' Brigade

   Cpt John E. Penn (w)
   Cpt A. C. Page (w)
   Cpt Robert W. Withers

Starke's Brigade

   BG William E. Starke
   Col Jesse M. Williams (w)
   Col Leroy A. Stafford (w)
   Col Edmund Pendleton

  • 1st Louisiana: Ltc Michael Nolan (w), Cpt William E. Moore
  • 2nd Louisiana: Col Jesse M. Williams
  • 9th Louisiana: Col Leroy A. Stafford, Ltc William R. Peck
  • 10th Louisiana: Cpt Henry D. Monier
  • 15th Louisiana: Col Edmund Pendleton
  • Coppens' (First Louisiana Zouaves) Battalion:[25] Cpt M. Alfred Coppens

   Maj Lindsay M. Shumaker

D. H. Hill's Division[26]
     MG Daniel H. Hill

Ripley's Brigade

   BG Roswell S. Ripley (w)
   Col George P. Doles

  • 4th Georgia: Col George P. Doles, Maj Robert S. Smith (k), Cpt William H. Willis
  • 44th Georgia: Cpt John C. Key
  • 1st North Carolina: Ltc Hamilton A. Brown
  • 3rd North Carolina: Col William L. De Rosset (w), Maj Stephen D. Thruston (w)
Rodes' Brigade

   BG Robert E. Rodes (w)

Garland's Brigade

   Col Duncan K. McRae (w)

  • 5th North Carolina: Cpt Thomas M. Garrett
  • 12th North Carolina: Cpt Shugan Snow
  • 13th North Carolina: Ltc Thomas Ruffin, Jr. (w), Cpt Joseph H. Hyman
  • 20th North Carolina: Col Alfred Iverson, Jr.
  • 23rd North Carolina: Col Daniel H. Christie
Anderson's Brigade

   BG George B. Anderson (mw)
   Col Risden T. Bennett (w)

  • 2nd North Carolina: Col Charles C. Tew (k), Cpt Gideon M. Roberts
  • 4th North Carolina: Col Bryan Grimes, Cpt William T. Marsh (k), Cpt Daniel P. Latham (k)
  • 14th North Carolina: Col Risden T. Bennett
  • 30th North Carolina: Col Francis M. Parker (w), Maj William W. Sillers
Rains' (old) Brigade

   Col Alfred H. Colquitt

  • 13th Alabama: Col Birkett D. Fry (w), Ltc William H. Betts (w)
  • 6th Georgia: Ltc James M. Newton (k), Maj Philemon Tracy (mw), Lt Eugene P. Bennett
  • 23rd Georgia: Col William P. Barclay (k), Ltc Emory F. Best (w), Maj James H. Huggins (w)
  • 27th Georgia: Col Levi B. Smith (k), Ltc Charles T. Zachry (w), Cpt William H. Rentfro
  • 28th Georgia: Maj Tully Graybill (w), Cpt Nehemiah J. Garrison (w), Cpt George W. Warthen

   Maj Scipio Pierson

  • Hardaway's (Alabama) Battery: Cpt Robert A. Hardaway
  • Jefferson Davis (Alabama) Artillery: Cpt James W. Bondurant
  • Jones' (Virginia) Battery: Cpt William B. Jones
  • King William (Virginia) Artillery: Cpt Thomas H. Carter (w)

Artillery Reserve[edit]

Division Battalions Batteries

Artillery Reserve[27]
     BG William N. Pendleton

Brown's Battalion[28]

   Col J. Thompson Brown

  • Powhatan (Virginia) Artillery: Cpt Willis J. Dance
  • Richmond (Virginia) Howitzers, 2nd company: Cpt David Watson
  • Richmond (Virginia) Howitzers, 3rd company: Cpt Benjamin H. Smith, Jr.
  • Salem (Virginia) Artillery: Cpt Abraham Hupp
  • Williamsburg (Virginia) Artillery: Cpt John A. Coke
Cutts' Battalion[29]

   Ltc Allen S. Cutts

  • Blackshears' (Georgia) Battery: Cpt James A. Blackshear
  • Irwin (Georgia) Artillery: Cpt John Lane
  • Lloyd's (North Carolina) Battery: Cpt Whitmel P. Lloyd
  • Patterson's (Georgia) Battery: Cpt George M. Patterson
  • Ross' (Georgia) Battery: Cpt Hugh M. Ross
Jones' Battalion[29]

   Maj Hilary P. Jones

  • Morris (Virginia) Artillery: Cpt Richard C. M. Page
  • Orange (Virginia) Artillery: Cpt Jefferson Peyton
  • Turner's (Virginia) Battery: Cpt William H. Turner
  • Long Island (Virginia) Battery: Cpt Abram Wimbish
Nelson's Battalion

   Maj William Nelson

  • Amherst (Virginia) Artillery: Cpt Thomas J. Kirkpatrick
  • Fluvanna (Virginia) Artillery: Cpt John J. Ancell
  • Huckstep's (Virginia) Battery: Cpt Charles T. Huckstep
  • Johnson's (Virginia) Battery: Cpt. Marmaduke Johnson
  • Milledge (Georgia) Artillery: Cpt John Milledge
Miscellaneous Batteries[30]
  • Cutshaw's (Virginia) Battery
  • Magruder (Virginia) Artillery
  • Rice's (Virginia) Battery:[31] Cpt William H. Rice


Division Brigade Regiments and Others

Stuart's Division
     MG James E.B. Stuart

Hampton's Brigade

   BG Wade Hampton

Lee's Brigade

   BG Fitzhugh Lee

Robertson's Brigade

   Col Thomas T. Munford

Horse Artillery

   Cpt John Pelham

  • Chew's (Virginia) Battery: Cpt R. Preston Chew
  • Hart's (South Carolina) Battery: Cpt James F. Hart
  • Pelham's (Virginia) Battery: Cpt John Pelham


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