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The following Union Army units and commanders fought in the Battle of Antietam of the American Civil War. The Confederate order of battle is listed separately. Order of battle compiled from the army organization[1] during the Maryland Campaign,[2] the casualty returns[3] and the reports.[4]

Abbreviations used[edit]

Military rank[edit]


Army of the Potomac[edit]

MG George McClellan

General Staff and Headquarters[edit]

General Staff

General Headquarters[5]

Escort: Cpt James B. McIntyre

  • Independent Company Oneida (New York) Cavalry: Cpt Daniel P. Mann
  • 4th United States Cavalry, Company A: Lt Thomas H. McCormick
  • 4th United States Cavalry, Company E: Cpt James B. McIntyre

Regular Engineer Battalion: Cpt James C. Duane

Provost Guard:[6] Maj William H. Wood

Headquarters Guard:[7] Maj Granville O. Haller

Quartermaster's Guard:

I Corps[edit]

MG Joseph Hooker (w)
BG George G. Meade[8]


  • 2nd New York Cavalry, Companies A, B, I and K: Cpt John E. Naylor
Division Brigade Regiments and Others

First Division
     BG Abner Doubleday

1st Brigade

   Col Walter Phelps, Jr.

2nd Brigade

   Ltc J. William Hofmann

  • 7th Indiana: Maj Ira G. Grover
  • 76th New York: Cpt John W. Young
  • 95th New York: Maj Edward Pye
  • 56th Pennsylvania: Cpt Frederick Williams
3rd Brigade

   BG Marsena R. Patrick

4th Brigade

   BG John Gibbon


   Cpt J. Albert Monroe

Second Division
     BG James B. Ricketts[9] (w)

1st Brigade

   BG Abram Duryée

  • 97th New York: Maj Charles Northrup
  • 104th New York: Maj Lewis C. Skinner
  • 105th New York: Col Howard Carroll (mw)
  • 107th Pennsylvania: Cpt James MacThomson
2nd Brigade[10]

   Col William A. Christian

  • 26th New York: Ltc Richard H. Richardson
  • 94th New York: Ltc Calvin Littlefield
  • 88th Pennsylvania: Ltc George W. Gile (w), Cpt Henry B. Myers
  • 90th Pennsylvania: Col Peter Lyle (w), Ltc William A. Leech
3rd Brigade[11]

   BG George L. Hartsuff (w)
   Col Richard Coulter

  • 1st Pennsylvania Light, Battery F: Cpt Ezra W. Matthews
  • Pennsylvania Light, Battery C: Cpt James Thompson

Third Division
     BG George G. Meade[8]
     BG Truman Seymour

1st Brigade

   BG Truman Seymour
   Col R. Biddle Roberts

  • 1st Pennsylvania Reserves: Col R. Biddle Roberts, Cpt William C. Talley
  • 2nd Pennsylvania Reserves: Cpt James N. Byrnes
  • 5th Pennsylvania Reserves: Col Joseph W. Fisher
  • 6th Pennsylvania Reserves: Col William Sinclair
  • 13th Pennsylvania Reserves (1st Rifles): Cpt Dennis McGee
2nd Brigade

   Col Albert L. Magilton

3rd Brigade

   Ltc Robert Anderson

  • 9th Pennsylvania Reserves: Cpt Samuel B. Dick
  • 10th Pennsylvania Reserves: Ltc Adoniram J. Warner (w), Cpt Jonathan P. Smith
  • 11th Pennsylvania Reserves: Ltc Samuel M. Jackson
  • 12th Pennsylvania Reserves: Cpt Richard Gustin
  • 1st Pennsylvania Light, Battery A: Lt John G. Simpson
  • 1st Pennsylvania Light, Battery B: Cpt James H. Cooper
  • 5th United States, Battery C: Cpt Dunbar R. Ransom

II Corps[edit]

MG Edwin V. Sumner


  • 6th New York Cavalry, Company D: Cpt Henry W. Lyon
  • 6th New York Cavalry, Company K: Cpt Riley Johnson
Division Brigade Regiments and Others

First Division
     MG Israel B. Richardson (mw)
     BG John C. Caldwell
     BG Winfield S. Hancock[13]

1st Brigade

   BG John C. Caldwell

2nd Brigade

   BG Thomas F. Meagher (w)
   Col John Burke

3rd Brigade

   Col John R. Brooke

  • 1st New York Light, Battery B: Cpt Rufus D. Pettit
  • 4th United States, Battery A and C: Lt Evan Thomas

Second Division
     MG John Sedgwick (w)
     BG Oliver O. Howard

1st Brigade

   BG Willis A. Gorman

2nd Brigade

   BG Oliver O. Howard
   Col Joshua T. Owen
   Col DeWitt C. Baxter[14]

3rd Brigade

   BG Napoleon J. T. Dana (w)
   Col Norman J. Hall


Third Division
     BG William H. French

1st Brigade

   BG Nathan Kimball

2nd Brigade

   Col Dwight Morris

  • 14th Connecticut: Ltc Sanford H. Perkins
  • 108th New York: Col Oliver H. Palmer
  • 130th Pennsylvania: Col Henry I. Zinn
3rd Brigade

   BG Max Weber (w)
   Col John W. Andrews

  • 1st Delaware: Col John W. Andrews, Ltc Oliver Hopkinson (w)
  • 5th Maryland: Maj Leopold Blumenberg (w), Cpt Ernest F. M. Faehtz
  • 4th New York: Ltc John D. MacGregor
Unattached Artillery

IV Corps[edit]

Division Brigade Regiments and Others

First Division[15]
     MG Darius N. Couch

1st Brigade

   BG Charles Devens

2nd Brigade

   BG Albion P. Howe

3rd Brigade

   BG John Cochrane

  • New York Light, 3rd Battery:[17] Cpt William Stuart
  • 1st Pennsylvania Light, Battery C: Cpt Jeremiha McCarthy
  • 1st Pennsylvania Light, Battery D: Cpt Michael Hall
  • 2nd United States, Battery G: Lt John H. Butler

V Corps[edit]

MG Fitz John Porter[18]


  • 1st Maine Cavalry (detachment): Cpt George J. Summat
Division Brigade Regiments and Others

First Division
     MG George W. Morell

1st Brigade

   Col James Barnes

2nd Brigade

   BG Charles Griffin

3rd Brigade

   Col Thomas B. W. Stockton

  • 1st United States: Cpt John B. Isler

Second Division
     BG George Sykes

1st Brigade

   Ltc Robert C. Buchanan

2nd Brigade

   Maj Charles S. Lovell

3rd Brigade

   Col Gouverneur K. Warren

  • 1st United States, Batteries E and G: Lt Alanson M. Randol
  • 5th United States, Battery I: Cpt Stephen H. Weed
  • 5th United States, Battery K: Lt William E. Van Reed

Third Division[19]
     BG Andrew A. Humphreys

1st Brigade

   BG Erastus B. Tyler

2nd Brigade

   Col Peter H. Allabach

  • 123rd Pennsylvania: Col John B. Clark
  • 131st Pennsylvania: Ltc William B. Shaut
  • 133rd Pennsylvania: Col Franklin B. Speakman
  • 155th Pennsylvania: Col Edward J. Allen
Artillery Reserve

   Ltc William Hays

  • 1st Battalion New York Light, Battery A: Lt Bernhard Wever
  • 1st Battalion New York Light, Battery B: Lt Alfred von Kleiser
  • 1st Battalion New York Light, Battery C: Cpt Robert Langner
  • 1st Battalion New York Light, Battery D: Cpt Charles Kusserow
  • New York Light, 5th Battery: Cpt Elijah D. Taft
  • 1st United States, Battery K: Cpt William M. Graham
  • 4th United States, Battery G: Lt Marcus P. Miller

VI Corps[edit]

MG William B. Franklin


  • 6th Pennsylvania Cavalry, Companies B and G: Cpt Henry P. Muirheid
Division Brigade Regiments and Others

First Division
     MG Henry W. Slocum

1st Brigade

   Col Alfred T. A. Torbert

  • 1st New Jersey: Ltc Mark W. Collet
  • 2nd New Jersey: Col Samuel L. Buck
  • 3rd New Jersey: Col Henry W. Brown
  • 4th New Jersey: Col William B. Hatch
2nd Brigade

   Col Joseph J. Bartlett

3rd Brigade

   BG John Newton


   Cpt Emory Upton

  • Maryland Light, Battery A: Cpt John W. Wolcott
  • Massachusetts Light, Battery A: Cpt Josiah Porter
  • New Jersey Light, Battery A: Cpt William Hexamer
  • 2nd United States, Battery D: Lt Edward B. Williston

Second Division
     MG William F. Smith

1st Brigade

   BG Winfield S. Hancock[13]
   Col Amasa Cobb

2nd Brigade

   BG William T. H. Brooks

3rd Brigade

   Col William H. Irwin


   Cpt Romeyn B. Ayres

  • Maryland Light, Battery B: Lt Theodore J. Vanneman
  • New York Light, 1st Battery: Cpt Andrew Cowan
  • 5th United States, Battery F: Lt Leonard Martin

IX Corps[edit]

MG Ambrose Burnside[20]
BG Jacob D. Cox


  • 1st Maine Cavalry Company G: Cpt Zebulon B. Blethen
Division Brigade Regiments and Others

First Division
     BG Orlando B. Willcox

1st Brigade

   Col Benjamin C. Christ

2nd Brigade

   Col Thomas Welsh

  • Massachusetts Light, 8th Battery: Cpt Asa M. Cook
  • 2nd United States, Battery E: Lt Samuel N. Benjamin

Second Division
     BG Samuel D. Sturgis

1st Brigade

   BG James Nagle

2nd Brigade

   BG Edward Ferrero

  • Pennsylvania Light, Battery D: Cpt George W. Durell
  • 4th United States, Battery E: Cpt Joseph C. Clark, Jr. (w)

Third Division
     BG Isaac P. Rodman (mw)
     Col Edward Harland[22]
     MG John G. Parke[23]

1st Brigade

   Col Harrison S. Fairchild

2nd Brigade

   Col Edward Harland

  • 8th Connecticut: Ltc Hiram Appelman (w), Maj John H. Ward
  • 11th Connecticut: Col Henry W. Kingsbury (mw)
  • 16th Connecticut: Col Francis Beach
  • 4th Rhode Island: Col William H. P. Steere (w), Ltc Joseph B. Curtis
  • 5th United States, Battery A: Lt Charles P. Muhlenberg

Kanawha Division
     Col Eliakim P. Scammon

1st Brigade

   Col Hugh B. Ewing

2nd Brigade

   Col George Crook

Unattached troops
  • 6th New York Cavalry (8 companies): Col Thomas C. Devin
  • Ohio Cavalry, 3rd Independent Company: Lt Jonas Seamen
  • 3rd United States, Batteries L and M: Cpt John Edwards, Jr.

XII Corps[edit]

MG Joseph K. Mansfield (mw)
BG Alpheus S. Williams


  • 1st Michigan Cavalry, Company L: Cpt Melvin Brewer
Division Brigade Regiments and Others

First Division
     BG Alpheus S. Williams
     BG Samuel W. Crawford (w)
     BG George H. Gordon

1st Brigade[24]

   BG Samuel W. Crawford
   Col Joseph F. Knipe

3rd Brigade

   BG George H. Gordon
   Col Thomas H. Ruger (w)

Second Division
     BG George S. Greene

1st Brigade[26]

   Ltc Hector Tyndale (w)
   Maj Orrin J. Crane

2nd Brigade[27]

   Col Henry J. Stainrook

  • 3rd Maryland: Ltc Joseph H. Sudsburg
  • 102nd New York: Ltc James C. Lane
  • 111th Pennsylvania: Maj. Thomas M. Walker
3rd Brigade

   Col William B. Goodrich (k)
   Ltc Jonathan Austin

  • 3rd Delaware: Maj Arthur Maginnis (w), Cpt William J. McKaig
  • Purnell (Maryland) Legion: Ltc Benjamin L. Simpson
  • 60th New York: Ltc Charles R. Brundage
  • 78th New York: Ltc Jonathan Austin, Cpt Henry R. Stagg

   Cpt Clermont L. Best


Division Brigade Regiments and Others

Cavalry Division
     BG Alfred Pleasonton

1st Brigade

   Maj Charles J. Whiting

2nd Brigade

   Col John F. Farnsworth

3rd Brigade

   Col Richard H. Rush

  • 4th Pennsylvania: Col James H. Childs (k), Ltc James K. Kerr
  • 6th Pennsylvania: Ltc C. Ross Smith
4th Brigade

   Col Andrew T. McReynolds

  • 1st New York: Maj Alonzo W. Adams
  • 12th Pennsylvania: Maj James A. Congdon
5th Brigade

   Col Benjamin F. Davis

Horse Artillery


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