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Antigenidas may refer to:

  • Antigenidas of Thebes, the musician, son of Satyrus or Dionysius, was a celebrated Greek aulos-player, and also a poet. He lived in the time of Alexander the Great. His two daughters, Melo and Satyra, who followed the profession of their father, are mentioned in an epigram of the Greek Anthology.[1] Gian Francesco Malipiero, Italian musician of the 20th century, composed an honorary Sinfonia per Antigenida [it] in 1962.
  • Antigenidas, son of Simylus, was a cavalryman from Orchomenus, who served with Alexander's allied cavalry until the expedition reached Ecbatana in 330 BC. There he and his compatriots were discharged. On their return around 329, they made a dedication to Zeus Soter in Orchomenus.[2]


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