Antigua and Barbuda–China relations

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Antigua and Barbuda - People's Republic of China relations
Map indicating locations of Antigua and Barbuda and China

Antigua and Barbuda


Diplomatic relations between the People's Republic of China and Antigua and Barbuda were established on January 1, 1983, less than two years after the Caribbean nation's independence, under Deng Xiaoping and Prime Minister Vere Bird, respectively.[1] Diplomatic relations between the two countries have been smooth since then, as China supported Antigua and Barbuda's bid to join the United Nations.[1] As of 2002, Chinese exports to Antigua and Barbuda were valued at $1,885,050 while China imported $1,064,950 worth of goods.[1] The current Chinese ambassador to Antigua and Barbuda is Chen Ligang, appointed in 2007,[2] and his counterpart is Ambassador David Shoul.[3]


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