Antil Plains Aerodrome

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Antil Plains Aerodrome

Queensland, Australia

Antil Plains Aerodrome is located in Queensland
Antil Plains Aerodrome
Antil Plains Aerodrome
Antil Plains Aerodrome (Queensland)
Coordinates 19°26′36″S 146°49′29″E / 19.44333°S 146.82472°E / -19.44333; 146.82472Coordinates: 19°26′36″S 146°49′29″E / 19.44333°S 146.82472°E / -19.44333; 146.82472
Type Military Airfield
Site history
In use 1942-1945

Antil Plains Aerodrome was an aerodrome located 19.38 kilometres (12.04 mi) south of Townsville, Queensland, Australia near Antill Plains.

The aerodrome was constructed in 1942, during World War II, for the Royal Australian Air Force as part of a group of airfields to be used as aircraft dispersal fields in the event of Imperial Japanese attack on the Townsville area. It was leased to the United States Army Air Forces.

The aerodrome had two runways, one running east-west and the other NE-SW. It was abandoned after the war. Today, the airfield is in regular use by the Barrier Reef Adventure Trikes (B.R.A.T.S) who fly their ultralights. There are numerous hangars and a model aero club at the end of runway 27. The airfield is now owned and operated by Andrew Hicks and is referred to locally as Montpelier Airpark.[1] It is the closest ultra-light airfield to town of the three in the area.

Units based at Antil Plains Aerodrome[edit]

Aircraft crashes[edit]

  • 12 May 1942 - B-26 Marauder, Serial Number #40-1477 crashed on landing.

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