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Region Los Ríos
Province Valdivia
Municipalidad Los Lagos
Comuna Los Lagos
 • Type Municipalidad
 • Alcade Simón Mansilla Roa (1996-2008)
Population (2002 census [1])
 • Total 934
Time zone Chilean Standard (UTC−04:00)
 • Summer (DST) Chilean Daylight (UTC−03:00)
Area code(s) Country + town = 56 + 63

Antilhue is a village (Spanish: aldea) in Chile, South America. It is located in the commune of Los Lagos on the shores of Calle-Calle River just east of Valdivia. Two petroleum-fueled power plants, Antilhue I and Antilhue II, with a combined production capacity of 101.3 MW, are located near the village.

Coordinates: 39°48′S 72°58′W / 39.800°S 72.967°W / -39.800; -72.967