Antimony Peak

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Antimony Peak
Antimony Peak is located in California
Antimony Peak
Antimony Peak
Location in California
Elevation 6,851 ft (2,088 m) NAVD 88[1]
Prominence 888 ft (271 m)[1]
Listing Hundred Peaks Section[2]
Location Kern County, California, U.S.
Range San Emigdio Mountains
Coordinates 34°52′37″N 119°06′44″W / 34.8769197°N 119.1123291°W / 34.8769197; -119.1123291Coordinates: 34°52′37″N 119°06′44″W / 34.8769197°N 119.1123291°W / 34.8769197; -119.1123291[3]
Topo map USGS Pleito Hills
Easiest route Hike, class 1[2]

Antimony Peak is a steep peak located in southern Kern County, in the San Emigdio Mountains of the Transverse Ranges of California.

The land is administered by the Los Padres National Forest. It was named in 1854 by W. P. Blake, a Pacific Railroad surveyor, after he identified a suspected vein of silver ore on the mountain as being the metalloid antimony.[4]

Antimony specimen from Antimony Peak


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