Antoni Angełłowicz

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Antoni Angełłowicz
Metropolitan of Galicia, Archbishop of Lemberg
A angelovych.jpg
Church Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church
Appointed 16 March 1808
Installed 25 September 1808
Term ended 9 August 1814
Successor Mykhajlo Levitsky
Consecration 14 Feb 1796 (Bishop)
by Bishop Vazynsky of Chełm
Personal details
Born 14 April 1756
Hryniv, near Bibrka
Died 9 August 1814(1814-08-09) (aged 58)
Coat of arms Antoni Angełłowicz's coat of arms

Antoni Angełłowicz (or Antin Anhelovych, Ukrainian: Антін Ангелович, Russian: Антоний Ангелович; 14 April 1756 – 9 August 1814) was the first Metropolitan Archbishop of the re-built Metropolitan of Lviv from 1808 until his death in 1814.


Antoni Angełłowicz was born on 14 April 1756 in Hryniv, near Bibrka, now in Ukraine. He studied at the Barbareum (a Greek Catholic college in Wien) and in 1793 he became the first rector of the Greek Catholic Theological Seminary in Lviv. In 1794 he became professor of dogma and in 1796 rector of University of Lviv.

In 1795 he was appointed eparch of Archeparchy of Przemyśl and so consecrated a bishop on 14 February 1796.[1] by Bishop Vazynsky of Chełm.[2][3] In 1798 he was appointed administrator of the Lviv eparchy, in 1804 administrator of the Chełm eparchy, and in 1805 administrator of both the Lviv and Kholm eparchies.[4]

Since 1772 the Western Ukraine was under the Kingdom of Galicia (a crownland of the Habsburg Monarchy) and Emperor Francis I of Austria on 11 September 1806 took the decision to re-establish Galician Metropoly.[5] In this way these territories were split from the jurisdiction of the main Metropolis of Kiev of Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church, which was suffering under the Russian Empire (actually in 1839 the Greek-Catholic church was dissolved in the Russian Empire, and all its property was transferred to the Orthodox state church).

Pope Pius VII approved this split on 24 February 1807 elevating the Eparchy of Lviv to the rank of Metropolis and granting it the same rights of the Metropolis of Kiev. On 16 March 1808 Angelovych was appointed the first Greek-Catholic Metropolitan in Lviv. The enthronement occurred on 25 September 1808. Antin Angelovych died in Lviv on 9 August 1814.[5]


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Religious titles
Preceded by
Tadeusz Rostocki
as Metropolitan of Kiev, Galicia and all Ruthenia
Metropolitan of Galicia and Archbishop of Lemberg
Succeeded by
Mykhajlo Levitsky
Preceded by
Mikołaj Skorodyński
as Bishop of Lemberg (Ruthenian Uniate Church)
Preceded by
Maksymillijan Rylo
as Bishop of Przemyśl (Ruthenian Uniate Church)
Bishop of Premissel
Succeeded by
Mykhajlo Levitsky
Educational offices
Preceded by
Jan Holfeld
Rector of Lviv University
Succeeded by
Stanisław Orzębski