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Antioch Arrow was an American screamo band from San Diego, California. They were on the seminal post-hardcore label Gravity Records, responsible for putting San Diego on the map in the mid-1990s as one of the centers of the movement.

They embarked on 3 different tours within the United States. The first was a week-long tour of the West Coast in the spring of 1993. The second was a month-long tour of the U.S., spanning late June to Early July 1993. The third and final tour was originally supposed to be for 6 weeks from early June to late July 1994. However, van troubles and inter-band conflict ended the tour in early July with the band canceling many shows across the Northwest. Their last show ever took place in a truck trailer in Boulder, Colorado around July 6, 1994.


  • Aaron Montaigne – vocals
  • Mac Mann – bass
  • Ron Avila (a.k.a. Ron Anarchy, a.k.a. Maxamillion Avila) – drums
  • Jeff Winterberg – guitar
  • Aaron Richards (a.k.a. Ricards) – guitar (played on Antioch Arrow/Candle EP and The Lady Is A Cat)
  • Andy Ward- Guitar (played on In Love With Jetts and Gems of Masochism)

Members went on to form or join: Tarot Bolero, Get Hustle, Final Conflict, Holy Molar, Crash Worship, Burlesque Affair, The Chandeliers, Coptic Light, The Red Tyger Church, Bedtime, Atriarch, DBC and Magick Daggers, amongst others.


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