Antiochia ad Pyramum

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Antiochia ad Pyramum (Greek: Ἀντιόχεια πρὸς τὸν Πύραμον) was an ancient coastal city of Cilicia, on the Pyramus (also Pyramos, now the Ceyhan Nehri) river, in Anatolia. It was the successor settlement to Magarsa.[1] The location of the city is on the Karataş Peninsula, Adana Province, Turkey, a few km from the city of Karataş. The course of the Pyramus has changed markedly since ancient times and the location of the ruins is no longer adjacent to the river, but decidedly west of its present course. The formerly important ancient site of Mallus lies a few km inland from Antiochia ad Pyranum along the former course of the Pyramus.


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Coordinates: 36°32′39″N 35°20′46″E / 36.54423°N 35.34619°E / 36.54423; 35.34619