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Antiope (/ænˈt.əp/; Greek: Ἀντιόπη) can mean:

  • Greek mythology
    • Antiope (Amazon), sister of Hippolyte kidnapped by Theseus, during Heracles' ninth labour
    • Antiope (mother of Amphion) by Zeus, associated with the mythology of Thebes, Greece
    • Antiope, daughter of Thespius who bore Heracles a son, Alopius
    • Antiope, nymph of Pieria, the mother, by Pierus, of the Pierides, nine sisters who challenged the muses and, on their defeat, were turned into birds
    • Antiope, a consort of Helios and possible mother of Aeetes and Aloeus
    • Antiope, daughter of Pylon, wife of Eurytus
    • Antiope, wife of Laocoon