Antisana Ecological Reserve

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Antisana Ecological Reserve
Antisana volcano, the park's namesake
Location  Ecuador
Napo Province, Quijos Canton and Archidona Canton
Coordinates 0°32′S 78°02′W / 0.54°S 78.03°W / -0.54; -78.03Coordinates: 0°32′S 78°02′W / 0.54°S 78.03°W / -0.54; -78.03
Area 120,000 ha
Established July 1993

Antisana Ecological Reserve (Spanish: Reserva Ecológica Antisana) is a protected area in Ecuador situated in the Napo Province, Quijos Canton and Archidona Canton.

Flora and fauna[edit]

The mountain tapir (Tapirus pinchaque) is one of the rare animals found in Antisana Ecological Reserve

Rare animals and plants found in or near the reserve include:

Other notable flora and fauna of the park are, for example:

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