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Antischism was an American crust punk band from Columbia, South Carolina. They are widely popular within the crust and anarcho-punk subcultures. For most of their existence, the band consisted of:

  • Scott Cooper (drums, vocals, lyrics)
  • Lyz (vocals)
  • Kevin Byrd (guitar)
  • Matt (bass)

An additional male vocalist named Brent sang on the Still Life LP. Antischism broke up and then reformed in Austin, TX, as Initial State. After Initial State, Kevin went on to play in .Fuckingcom (with Lyz) Guyana Punch Line, and Thank God. Scott moved to Savannah, GA, and played in Damad, IN/Humanity, and Karst, and now plays in Chronicle A/D. Matt now lives in the caribbean, St. Croix, USVI.

The band's entire discography was reissued on Selfless Records in 1995 and then reissued on Prank Records later in the decade.[1]


  • All Their Money Stinks of Death 7" EP, Manifest Soundworks, 1988
  • End of Time 7" EP, Stereonucleosis, 1989
  • Live in the Studio, Selfless/Steronucleosis, 1990
  • Thinning the Herd- Live split LP with Subvert, Mind Control, 1990
  • Still Life LP, Allied Recordings, 1991
  • End of Time Plus One double 7" EP, Selfless, 1992
  • Discography CD, Selfless Records, 1995
  • Antischism ( Discography) CD/2XLP, Prank Records, 1998


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