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Antisect 2011.jpg
Background information
Origin Daventry, Northamptonshire, England
Genres Anarcho-punk, hardcore punk, crust punk
Years active 1982–1987, 2011-present
Labels Spiderleg, Southern
Members Pete Lyons
Joe Burwood
Laurence Windle
Chris Caps
Past members Pete Paluskiewicz
Renusze Rokicki
Tom Lowe
Rich Hill
Caroline Wallis
John Bryson
Pete Boyce
Tim Andrews

Antisect are a band based in London, UK.

Formed in 1982 in Daventry, Northamptonshire, UK, their debut album, In Darkness There is No Choice, was released in 1983.

Antisect are a significant band in the timeline of hardcore punk music, said to have been a major influence upon "black-clad, politically charged punks over the last 30 years".[1]

The band addressed issues including animal rights and social justice, communicating their ideas to a largely punk rock audience, and were among the instigators of the squat venue scene in the mid to late 1980s. Members lived the lifestyle of being either on the road or part of the vibrant London squat scene of the time. They toured extensively both in the UK and Europe, before splitting up in 1987. The band reformed in May 2011. The reformed line up was a mixture of previous members and included founder member Pete Boyce and Caz Wallace, who performed on the In Darkness There is No Choice album. Boyce appeared with the band at a number gigs between 2011 and early 2012 before leaving in February of that year. Wallace,although back in the fold was not to perform with the band during any of the reunion shows.


In Darkness There is No Choice, was released in 1983 on Flux Of Pink Indians' Spiderleg Records label, reached number 4 in the UK Indie Chart and is now widely considered to be a "classic" of its genre.[citation needed] This was followed in 1985 by the release of the 7" single, Out from the Void, which reached number 2 in the Indie singles chart and, along with Amebix's 1985 Arise! album, is considered the starting point of the crust punk genre.[citation needed]

The band went through numerous line up changes, and as a three piece of Lyons, Bryson and Paluskiewicz, had recorded most of the material for a second album (provisionally entitled Welcome to the New Dark Ages), but it was never completed. Darker and heavier than their debut, some tracks that were going to be on this album have appeared in fledgling form on the live album Peace is Better Than a Place in History, and the 2010 release Leeds 2.4.86.

Reformation, 2011-present[edit]

In May 2011 Antisect announced on their website that the band had reunited "after 24 years...". The following day the band announced the present line-up and the first show at the Puntala-Rock Festival in Finland. Tour dates for the UK, Europe and US were announced for late 2011 and Spring 2012. In December 2011 the band returned to the studio to record a new 10" single, containing the previously unreleased 1982 track "4 Minutes Past Midnight" and a re-recorded version of 1985's "Out From The Void (Part 2.) This, however was a "Tour Only" release, available exclusively at the 2011/2012 shows. In March 2012 they announced that Pete Boyce had left the band.[2] A USA tour followed in May and June 2012 and a handful of European dates were completed before the end of the year. The most recent change in Antisect's line up came with the announcement of Tim Andrews departure in July 2013 whereupon Chris Caps became the band's new vocalist.[3] Tim's farewell appearance was at the Roadburn rock festival in Tilburg, the Netherlands in April 2013.

Finland 2011


Founding members[edit]

'In Darkness...' members[edit]

  • Pete Lyons - guitar
  • Pete Paluskiewicz - drums
  • Renusze Rokicki - bass
  • Pete Boyce - vocals
  • Rich Hill - vocals
  • Caroline Wallis - vocals
In Darkness Tour 1984

'Out From The Void' members[edit]

  • John Bryson - bass/vocals
  • Pete Lyons - guitar/vocals
  • Pete Paluskiewicz - drums
Out From The Void Tour 1985

1987 break-up line-up[edit]

  • Pete Lyons - guitar
  • Pete Paluskiewicz - drums
  • Laurence Windle - bass
  • Tim Andrews - vocals

2011-2013 line-up[edit]

  • Tim Andrews - vocals
  • Pete Lyons - guitar
  • Laurence Windle - bass
  • Joe Burwood - drums
  • Pete Boyce - Vocals (2011-2012)
  • Caz Eden - Vocals (2011)

Present line-up[edit]

  • Chris Caps- vocals
  • Pete Lyons - guitar
  • Laurence Windle - bass
  • Joe Burwood - drums


  • In Darkness There is No Choice - LP, 1983
  • Out from the Void - EP, 1985
  • Hallo There How's Life - Live Album, 1991
  • Peace is Better Than a Place in History - Live Album, 1993
  • Leeds 02.04.86 - Live Album, 2010
  • 4 Minutes Past Midnight/Out From The Void (Part 2) - Tour 10"
  • In Darkness There is No Choice - LP, 2011 Anti Society Records[4]


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