Antmusic: The Very Best of Adam Ant

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Antmusic: The Very Best of Adam Ant
Antmusic- The Very Best of Adam Ant.jpg
Greatest hits album by Adam Ant
Released September 1993
Genre Punk rock, pop, New Romantic
Length 2:01:47
Label Arcade Records
Adam Ant chronology
Antmusic: The Very Best of Adam Ant
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Antmusic: The Very Best of Adam Ant is a greatest hits compilation album from Adam Ant that covers his early work with Adam and the Ants as well as his solo work.[1]

This greatest hits package reached number six on the UK album chart[2] The corresponding VHS, with all the music videos to the classic Ant/Ants hits, also charted very well on the UK video charts.

Disc one[edit]

The first CD covers all of the UK Singles Chart hits from Adam Ant's career (with and without the Ants) from 1980–1990, beginning with Young Parisians & the earliest Dirk Wears White Sox singles from Do It Records (which were re-released once the Ants found fame and charted in the UK Top 40), and ending with the charting singles from his then most recent album, Manners & Physique - "Room at the Top" and "Can't Set Rules About Love".

Disc two[edit]

The second CD is a live recording of a private concert held on 21 February 1993 at a rehearsal studio in Burbank, Los Angeles. This show was a warm-up for a tour to promote the (then-upcoming) release of his shelved album, Persuasion.

Although Ant has released concert videos/DVDs, live bonus CD single tracks (on the 1995 single Gotta Be A Sin) and a live CD of a 2007 reading of his biography including acoustic versions of some of his songs, this CD remains the only full length audio-only live album of a concert with a full band that Ant has ever issued.

Track listing[edit]

All tracks written by Adam Ant & Marco Pirroni, except where noted.

The Very Best of Adam Ant (Disc One)
1."Antmusic" (from the album Kings of the Wild Frontier) Chris Hughes3:47
2."Stand and Deliver" (from the album Prince Charming) Hughes3:07
3."Room at the Top" (from the album Manners & Physique)Ant, Pirroni & André CymoneCymone4:09
4."Vive Le Rock" (from the album Vive Le Rock) Tony Visconti3:39
5."Apollo 9" (from the album Vive Le Rock) Visconti3:22
6."Zerox" (from the album Dirk Wears White Sox)AntAnt3:45
7."Dog Eat Dog" (from the album Kings of the Wild Frontier) Hughes3:07
8."Cartrouble" (from the album Dirk Wears White Sox)AntHughes3:28
9."Friends" (B-side to 7" single "Ant Rap")AntAnt & Pirroni3:33
10."Desperate But Not Serious" (from the album Friend or Foe) Ant & Pirroni3:54
11."Prince Charming" (from the album Prince Charming) Hughes3:16
12."Goody Two Shoes" (from the album Friend or Foe) Hughes3:19
13."Puss'n Boots" (from the album Strip) Phil Collins4:01
14."Friend or Foe" (from the album Friend or Foe) Ant & Pirroni3:23
15."Strip" (from the album Strip) Collins3:58
16."Physical (You're So)" (B-side to 7" single "Dog Eat Dog")AntHughes4:25
17."Kings of the Wild Frontier" (from the album Kings of the Wild Frontier) Hughes3:52
18."Deutscher Girls" (from the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Jubilee)AntGuy Ford2:28
19."Ant Rap" (from the album Prince Charming) Hughes3:39
20."Kick" (B-side to 7" single "Cartrouble")AntHughes2:05
21."Young Parisians"AntAnt & Jo Julian2:59
22."Can't Set Rules About Love" (from the album Manners & Physique) Cymone4:00
Total length:77:43

All tracks written by Adam Ant & Marco Pirroni, except where noted.

Live Burbank Stage LA 1993 (Disc Two)
1."Vive Le Rock" 3:43
2."Miss Thing" 2:52
4."Never Trust a Man (With Egg on His Face)"Ant3:06
5."Dog Eat Dog" 3:12
6."Killer in the Home" 4:08
7."Room at the Top"Ant, Pirroni & Cymone3:52
8."Ants Invasion" 2:54
9."Desperate But Not Serious" 4:04
10."Young Dumb and Full of It" 3:33
11."Stand and Deliver" 2:54
12."Antmusic" 3:29
13."Goody Two Shoes" 3:12
14."20th Century Boy" (T. Rex cover)Marc Bolan3:49
15."Red Scab"Ant3:53
16."Shakin' All Over" (Johnny Kidd & the Pirates cover)Johnny Kidd & Gus Robinson3:37
17."Fall In"Ant & Lester Square2:19
18."Physical (You're So)"Ant6:06
Total length:64:04
2."Stand And Deliver"3:07
3."Room At The Top"4:09
4."Prince Charming"3:16
5."Goody Two Shoes"3:19
6."Vive Le Rock"3:39
7."Apollo 9"3:22
9."Puss'n Boots"4:01
10."Desperate But Not Serious"3:54
11."Friend Or Foe"3:23
12."Ant Rap"3:39
13."Dog Eat Dog"3:07
14."Kings Of The Wild Frontier"3:52
15."Can't Set Rules About Love"4:00
16."Physical (You're So)"4:25
17."Rough Stuff"4:39
Total length:75:00


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