Antofagasta de la Sierra

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Antofagasta de la Sierra
Volcán Antofagasta.jpg
Highest point
Elevation 4,000 metres (13,123 ft) (uncertain) [1]
Coordinates 26°05′S 67°30′W / 26.08°S 67.50°W / -26.08; -67.50Coordinates: 26°05′S 67°30′W / 26.08°S 67.50°W / -26.08; -67.50[1]
Antofagasta de la Sierra is located in Argentina
Antofagasta de la Sierra
Antofagasta de la Sierra
Parent range Andes
Age of rock Holocene
Mountain type Scoria cones
Last eruption Unknown[1]

Antofagasta de la Sierra is a volcanic field in Argentina. The main type of volcanic edifice in the area are scoria cones. The area contains the youngest vents in the whole of the Puna region of Argentina. It is considered by many authors that the cones in the field are only a few thousand years old, thus putting them firmly into the Holocene period. The field lies between the Salar de Antofalla volcanic field and the Cerro Galán caldera. The caldera lies west of Antofagasta de la Sierra and the other volcanic field to the east. The other prominent volcanic feature of the region, the peak Beltran, lies to the south-west of the field.

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