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Antoine-Marie-Benoit Besson (1876–1969) was a French military officer. In World War II he was a general commanding the Third Army Group stationed along the river Rhine manning the Maginot Line.[1][2]

Military career[edit]

World War 1 1914–1918[edit]

During world war 1 Besson commanded a regiment.

Interwar Period 1918–1939[edit]

In the interbellum he commanded a brigade, a division, and field army.

World War 2 1939–1940[edit]

In October 1939 he took command of the French 3rd Army Group which covered the section of the Maginot Line along the River Rhine and the Swizz frontier. He and his command surrendered after the 25 June as German panzer units had reached the Swiss border and cut off the Maginot Line from the rest of France


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