Antoine Payen the Younger

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De Grote Postweg bij Rejapolah (The Great Postal Route near Rejapolah), 1828, oil on canvas, 167 cm x 140 cm, Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam[1]

Auguste Antoine Joseph Payen (12 November 1792 - 18 January 1853), also known as Antoine Payen the Younger, was a Belgian painter and naturalist. He was born in Brussels and died in Tournai. His father, Antoine Payen the Elder, was an architect.

Payen was commissioned by Dutch King William I to create a series of paintings of the landscape of the Dutch East Indies.[2] One of these works, The Great Postal Route near Rejapolah, painted in 1828, hangs in the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam.[1]

While in the Dutch East Indies in 1819, Payen met an eight-year-old Raden Saleh and, recognizing his talent for drawing, became Saleh's first mentor. Saleh would follow Payen to Europe three years after Payen's departure from Java in 1826.[2]



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