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"30 degree's dynamism", City University of Caracas

Antoine Pevsner (30 January [O.S. 18 January] 1886 – 12 April 1962) was a Russian-born sculptor and the older brother of Alexii Pevsner and Naum Gabo. Both Antoine and Naum are considered pioneers of twentieth-century sculpture.


Pevsner was born in Oryol, Russian Empire,[1] into a Jewish family. Among the originators of and having coined the term, Constructivism, and pioneers of Kinetic Art, they discovered a new use for metals and welding and made a new marriage of art and mathematics. Pevsner said: "Art must be inspiration controlled by mathematics. I have a need for peace, symphony, orchestration."[2] Pevsner's studio was on the outskirts of Paris and housed his sculptures. He was one of the first to use the blowtorch in sculpture, welding copper rods onto sculptural forms[3] and along with his brother, Naum, he issued the Realist Manifesto in 1920.[4]

Pevsner died in Paris, age 76.


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