Antoine Roux

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Antoine Roux
Jean-Baptiste de Havre-A.Roux mg 6205.jpg
Antoine Roux, Jean-Baptiste du Havre in Marseille harbour, watercolor, Marseille Naval Museum
BornAnge-Joseph Antoine Roux
Marseille, France
Died1835 (aged 69–70)
Marseille, France
Known forPainting, drawing
MovementMarine art

Ange-Joseph Antoine Roux, "Antoine Roux" (1765–1835) was a French fine art painter who specialised in maritime painting, sometimes referred to as marine art.


Roux came from a family of artists and primarily worked in Marseille. Early in life he was apprenticed to his father, Joseph Roux (1752–93), an hydrographer as well as an artist in his own right, spending his leisure hours painting and drawing.[1][2] He died of cholera in Marseille in 1835.[3]

All Antoine's four children followed in his artistic footsteps, with his three sons becoming known for their painting as well: Mathieu-Antoine Roux (1799-1872); François Joseph Frédéric Roux (1805–1870), 'Frédéric', was apprenticed to Horace Vernet; and the third, François Geoffroy Roux (1811–1882), 'François', was appointed in 1876 as an official Peintre de la Marine.[1][3][4]

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