Antoine Sfeir

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Antoine Sfeir
Portrait Antoine Sfeir.jpg
Antoine Sfeir
Born (1948-11-25)November 25, 1948
Beirut, Lebanon
Occupation journalist
Nationality Flag of France.svg France / Flag of Lebanon.svg Lebanon

Antoine Sfeir, (born 25 November 1948 in Beirut, Lebanon), is a Franco-Lebanese journalist and a professor.

He is the editor of the French journal Les Cahiers de l'Orient (Notebooks from the East, a quarterly devoted to the Near East), is the president of the Cerpo Centre d'études et de réflexions sur le Proche-Orient and a former professor of International relations at the school CELSA (Paris-Sorbonne University). He is now the president of the Ileri international relations school (Institut libre d'Etude des Relations internationales).[1]

In his book "Tunisie, terre de paradoxes" published in 2006 he was accused of supporting the regime of Ben Ali in particular by denying its police and authoritarian character.[2]