Antoine V de Gramont

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Antoine V

Antoine V de Gramont (January 1672 – September 16, 1725), Duke of Guiche, and Marshal of France.


French military figure and member of the Gramont family. He was the oldest child of Antoine Charles IV de Gramont and Marie Charlotte de Castelnau. At the age of thirteen, he became a musketeer and by 1687 he had become head of his regiment and had married the daughter of Anne-Jules, 2nd duc de Noailles. He participated in the Siege of Philippsburg (1688) and the Battle of Landen (1693). He was made brigadier in 1694 and served in Flanders.

In 1696, he was serving under Marshal Catinat and Marshal Boufflers, and was himself made a marshal (of Flanders) and Colonel General of Dragoons in 1702. In 1704, he made lieutenant of the royal arms and on October 26, 1704, Colonel General of the French guards. He became envoy to Philip V of Spain in 1705. He was wounded at the Battle of Malplaquet (1709).

In 1712, he became Lieutenant General of Bayonne and Lieutenant General and Governor of Navarre and Béarn. In 1715, he became Counselor of Regents and War and in 1720, acquired the title of Duke of Gramont. In 1724, he became Marshal of France. He died a year later, evidently in his palace.[1]


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French nobility
Preceded by
Antoine IV
Duke of Gramont
1720 - 1725
Succeeded by
Antoine VI