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Antoine Varillas (1624–1696) was a French historian, best known for his history of heresy.


He was born in Guéret and made a troubled way as a man of letters in Paris. He worked as a historian for Gaston, Duke of Orléans. Then through an introductions from Pierre Dupuy he was able to have library access, leading to work on manuscripts for Jean-Baptiste Colbert. Colbert, however, was dissatisfied with his work and replaced him. Varillas enjoyed support from Pierre Huet but became a marginal figure.[1]


His writings attracted a great deal of interest amongst his contemporaries; serious if partisan criticisms of the historical method of his earlier work led to his losing his reputation as a scholar. They included:

  • Histoire de l'heresie de Viclef, Iean Hus, et Jerome de Prague: avec celle des guerres de Bohéme qui en ont esté les suites;
  • Histoire de Louis Onze; and
  • Histoire des révolutions arrivées dans l'Europe.