Antoine d'Estrées

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Antoine d'Estrées, Marquis of Cœuvres

Antoine d'Estrées (1529 – 11 May 1609) was Marquis of Coeuvres, vicomte of Soissons and of Bercy, Knight of the Order of Saint-Esprit (1578)[1] and Knight of the Order of Saint-Michel (1578).

He was the son of Jean d'Estrées, Count of Orbec and Marquis of Cœuvres (1486–1571), and Catherine de Bourbon (around 1508 to around 1530).[1] He married Françoise Babou de La Bourdaisière and had at least two children:[1]

He was Grand Master of artillery of France from 1597 to 1599, under the reign of Henri IV.


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