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Antoine de Maximy (born May 21, 1959) is a French backpacker, television host and producer. He is best known as the TV host and producer of J'irai dormir chez vous (I'll come sleep in your house), a tourism TV show on France 5.[1][2]

Early Life[edit]

Coming from a fairly bohemian family with two parents painter artists sixty-eight living in Lyon and then in Paris, Antoine de Maximy is the oldest of four children. He redoubled his third and stopped his studies of second in high school from which he was excluded, then joined the ranks of the cinema of the armies as sound engineer for three years and made his first steps there in the making.

From 1980 to 1983, he worked as a reporter for CBS News. He was notably sent to Beirut during the civil war, making a documentary there on the Blue Helmets. It also covers the Iran-Iraq war. He discovers there his attraction for the adventure, the report of war, the voyage towards the unknown.

But he doesn't like traveling to a country without visiting it. In 1983, he was hired by a team from the European Raid Guild to make the film of their expedition to the Amazon. After this experience, he then moved on to scientific and animal journalism where adventure, pleasure, culture and fascination were mixed, learning over the expeditions all trades, cameraman, editor, director. In 1994, in collaboration with director Jean-Yves Collet and aeronaut Dany Cleyet-Marrel, he invented the cinebulle, a two-seater motorized hot air balloon of 1,400 or 1,500 m3, specially designed for aerial photography and adopted by Nicolas Hulot.

Director, presenter and cameraman, he has visited eighty countries in twenty years of career. Specialist in trips abroad - international news, animal films and scientific expeditions - he has directed or presented around thirty documentaries, including Animal Zone, Wild Zone, A raft on the forest, New worlds and Take me to France 2 (co-produced with the Guide du Routard), as well as Beyond the Dunes and J'irai slept at your place on France 5.

It was thanks to this latest program that he achieved real popular success. Equipped with a portable harness now holding a camera, he travels alone in various countries and is staying with perfect strangers among the natives. Generally, the programs go well with beautiful meetings and hospitable people but Antoine de Maximy also experienced several critical moments during his reports: in Bolivia where a false policewoman member of a gang tries to steal her equipment (the police and passers-by intervene but Maximy is forced to leave the country because the gang is looking for him), in Saint Lucia in the Caribbean where a shootout breaks out not far from the cafe where he is located, in Inujjuaq in Quebec where a drugged Inuit breaks his camera, in Vanuatu where the inhabitants of a village forced him to give them money to house him or even in the United States, during the Burning Man, when after having, at first, declined the proposal, he finally agrees to test a cookie filled with marijuana. In September 2016, he joined the team of columnists for the program La Cour des grands, hosted by Alessandra Sublet, on Europe 1.

On March 6, 2018, he participated in “La Veillée”, an event where people tell their extraordinary stories on stage in front of an audience. He narrated his youth there as a journalist in Beirut during wartime.

On May 16, 2019, Antoine de Maximy presents his feature film project entitled I will die in the Carpathians, which is scheduled to be shot in September 2019. He is using crowdfunding, via the KissKissBankBank platform, to finance the production of this film.


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