Antoine de Pas de Feuquières

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Antoine de Pas de Feuquières (16 April 1648 – 27 January 1711) was a French soldier. He was the son of diplomat Isaac de Feuquières and grandson of Isaac Manasses de Pas, Marquis de Feuquieres.

He was conspicuous for his bravery in the army of Louis XIV, serving under Luxembourg, Turenne and Catinat.

He was involved in the Affair of the Poisons, when Adam Lesage alleged that he and his cousin François-Henri de Montmorency, duc de Luxembourg had asked Lesage to supply them with poison. He was examined in 1680 but no case was found against him: his military career was not impeded.

It was his action which determined the Battle of Neerwinden (1693), in which he was lieutenant-general. He was disgraced a few years later for speaking out too freely. He then wrote his memoirs on the war, on which Voltaire based himself for his "Siècle de Louis XIV".


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