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Self-portrait (1825)
Prague Castle (date unknown)

Antonín Mánes (3 November 1784 – 23 July 1843) was a Czech painter and draftsman.[1]


Mánes was born and died in Prague. He was the son of a miller and was self-taught because his family could not afford to send him to art school. For a time, he earned some extra money working as a painter in a porcelain factory. It wasn't until 1806 that he was able to attend the Academy of Fine Arts, where he was heavily influenced by his teacher, Karel Postl.[1] In 1836, he became a Professor of landscape painting at the Academy. Among his best-known students were Eduard Herold and Johann Kautsky.

He eventually went from painting idealized landscapes to a more romanticized approach and was very fond of the Old Masters. His sons Josef and Quido and his daughter Amalie also became painters.


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