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Antonín Kratochvíl (or Antonin Kratochvil; born 1947, Litoměřice, Czechoslovakia) is a Czech-born American photojournalist. He is a founding member of VII Photo Agency.

Life and work[edit]

Kratochvíl gained a BFA in Photography from Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam.

He has photographed Mongolia's street children for the magazine of the American Museum of Natural History and the Iraq War for Fortune.[citation needed]

Sarah K. Stanley, in an essay on Kratochvil's book Vanishing, called it "a unique compilation of images by a photographer who is distinguished by his great sensitivity to the plight of humans beings and animal species seeking survival in endangered habitats."[1]


Publications by Kratochvíl[edit]

Publications with contributions by Kratochvíl[edit]

  • Spirits and Ghosts: Journeys Through Mongolia. New York: powerHouse, 2003. ISBN 9781576871676. By Julia Calfee. Edited and with an introduction by Kratochvil.


  • 1991 Infinity Award: Photojournalist of the Year, International Center of Photography.
  • 1994 Leica Medal of Excellence for Outstanding Achievement in Documentary Photography.
  • 1994 Dorothy Lange Prize.
  • 1994 Ernst Haas Working Grant.
  • 1995 Hasselblad Foundation Grant for Photography.
  • 1995 Ernst Haas Award.
  • 1997 Gold Medal for Photography from Society of Publishing Designers.
  • 1997 First Prize, World Press Photo, Portrait Series, Amsterdam.
  • 1997 (Eissie) Alfred Eisenstadt Award for 3Eyewitness Essay2 Life Magazine.
  • 2000 Gold ARC Award for Best Annual Report, NGO Category, for Rockefeller Foundation 1999 Annual Report.
  • 2003 First Prize, World Press Photo, Amsterdam (2 awards same year).
  • Medal from the City of Prague for Photography.
  • 2005 Lucie Award for Outstanding Achievement in Photojournalism.
  • 2005 Golden Light Award for Best Documentary Book for the book Vanishing.


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