Anton-Bruckner-Gymnasium Straubing

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Anton-Bruckner-Gymnasium Straubing

Coordinates48°52′22.33″N 12°33′47.27″E / 48.8728694°N 12.5631306°E / 48.8728694; 12.5631306Coordinates: 48°52′22.33″N 12°33′47.27″E / 48.8728694°N 12.5631306°E / 48.8728694; 12.5631306
Established1 November 1824 (1824-11-01) as Lehrerseminar im Jesuitenkolleg
PrincipalRudolf Reinhardt[1]
Enrollment990 (September 2011)

Anton-Bruckner-Gymasium Straubing is the largest of four gymnasiums of Straubing in Bavaria by the number of students, the others being Johannes-Turmair-Gymnasium, Ludwigsgymnasium and Gymnasium der Ursulinen-Schulstiftung. It consists of a music and an economics branch.[2]


The school was established in 1824 as a teachers' training college. It was founded by Royal Decree of 4 September 1823 at the Jesuit College Straubinger on 1 November 1824, and expanded in 1833 by the construction of a residential building. In 1843, it moved to the former canon St. Jakob in Seminargasse.

In 1924, the college was declared a college of further education. In 1935, it was changed into the Deutsche Aufbauschule Straubing with 240 students. In 1953, it became a teacher training college again whilst retaining its secondary school activities. In 1956, the teacher training was relocated to Regensburg. In 1961, a new school building was opened.

In 1965, its name was changed to Anton-Bruckner-Gymnasium and the music branch was established. In 1976, the economics branch was added.[3]

Notable alumni[edit]


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