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Anton Colander (1590, Weißenfels – 1621, Dresden) was a German (Electoral Saxon) composer and organist.

He was a childhood friend of Heinrich Schütz, studying law in Leipzig with Schütz's brother Benjamin from 1610.

In 1616 he was appointed to the post of organist at the Dresden court and began taking composition classes with Schütz. He was followed as organist by Johann Klemm, Kaspar Kittel, and Matthias Weckmann.[1]

Works, editions and recordings[edit]

  • Geistliche Konzerte, 1643


  • Wie ein Rubin in feinem Golde leuchtet, Concerto


  1. ^ Heinrich Schütz: a short account of his life and works Hans Joachim Moser - 1967 "Amongst those appointed by him to office in Dresden as Chapel organists were Anton Colander, Johann Klemm, Kaspar Kittel and Matthias Weckmann, in that order; these were all pupils of his who later became notable composers, ..."