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Anton Flavel
150600 - Anton Flavel - 3a - 2000 Sydney media guide scan.jpg
2000 Australian Paralympic Team portrait of Flavel
Personal information
Full nameAnton James Flavel
Nationality Australia
Born3 May 1969
Narrogin, Western Australia

Anton James Flavel, OAM[1] (born 3 May 1969)[2] is an Australian athlete with an intellectual disability. He was born in the Western Australian town of Narrogin.[2] In his disability class he held a world record for the javelin and an Australian record in the shot put and high jump.[3]

Competing at the 1st World Games for Athletes with an Intellectual Disability in Härnösand, Sweden, he won two gold medals in the Men's Javelin and the Men's Discus, and a bronze medal in the Men's Long Jump.[4] At the 1992 Paralympic Games for Persons with mental handicap in Madrid, Spain, which were held immediately after the 1992 Barcelona Paralympics,[5] he won a gold medal in the men's javelin,[3] for which he received a Medal of the Order of Australia.[1] He also won bronze medals in the Men's High Jump and Men's Discus.[6] He was coached in Perth, Western Australia by Hilda Collier.[6]

At the IPC Athletics World Championships in the Men's Shot Put F20 , he won a gold medal in 1994 and a bronze medal in 1998.[7][8] At the 2000 Sydney Games, he won a gold medal in the Men's Javelin F20 event,[9] and came ninth in the Men's Shot Put F20 event.[10]

In 1997, he became the first intellectually disabled athlete to receive a residential scholarship from the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) and was coached by Chris Nunn.[3] The move to the AIS highlighted the more professional approach to training. In Perth, he was doing three sessions per week and at the AIS he was doing thirteen sessions.[3] He left the AIS after the 2000 Sydney Games.[11]

In 2000, he received an Australian Sports Medal.[12]

He married Trish Flavel, who won a bronze medal in the Women's 800m T20 at the 2000 Sydney Games.[citation needed]


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