Anton Freissler

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Anton Freissler
Anton Freissler.jpg
Born (1838-03-13)March 13, 1838
Kujavy, Moravia, Austrian Empire
Died February 29, 1916(1916-02-29) (aged 77)
Nationality Austrian
Occupation Engineer
Engineering career
Projects elevators

Anton Freissler, aka Anton Freißler (March 13, 1838 in Klantendorf (Czech: Kujavy, Moravian–Silesian Region) – February 29, 1916) invented and developed a number of paternoster and elevators.


Oldest Paternoster in Austria by Freissler, installed in 1911

Freissler was born in Kujavy in northern Moravia, which was a part of Austrian empire. Freissler developed paternosters and elevators, which were sold very successfully throughout the empire and abroad. One of the oldest paternosters, installed in 1911, is still in use in the House of Industry in Vienna.

Freissler was also issued an imperial warrant as a Purveyor to the Imperial and Royal Court.

The company existed until the 1970s until it was incorporated into Otis Austria.

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