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Anton Holban (Romanian pronunciation: [anˈton holˈban]; 10 February 1902, in Huşi – 15 January 1937, in Bucharest) was a Romanian novelist. He was the nephew of Eugen Lovinescu.

The son of Gheorghe Holban (whom had from his father’s side Germanic ancestry) and Antoaneta Lovinescu, he was a writer, French teacher and theoretician of the novel. He first read fragments of his novels at his uncle's literary club - Sburatorul, and this is considered to be his debut.

Major works[edit]


  • Romanul lui Mirel, 1929
  • O moarte care nu dovedeşte nimic, 1931
  • Parada dascălilor, 1932
  • Ioana, 1934
  • Jocurile Daniei (posthumous publication in 1971)

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