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Olympic medal record
Men's boxing
Gold medal – first place 1984 Los Angeles Light heavyweight

Anton Ante Josipović (born 22 October 1961 in Banja Luka, SR Bosnia and Herzegovina, SFR Yugoslavia) is a former Croatian[1][2][3] boxer from Bosnia and Herzegovina (then part of Yugoslavia). He won the light heavyweight gold medal at the 1984 Summer Olympics.

Amateur career[edit]

Josipović was awarded an Olympic gold medal by default after American Evander Holyfield, was disqualified in the semi-finals for knocking out New Zealander Kevin Barry after the match had been stopped. During the medal ceremony Josipović pulled Holyfield to the top of the podium to join him.[4]

Olympic results[edit]

1984 - Olympic Games, Los Angeles, USA: Gold Medal (light heavyweight)

Pro career[edit]

Josipović began his professional career in 1990 and won his first eight bouts. In 1994, he took on Asmir Vojnović for the Croatian Cruiserweight Title and lost a decision. In the rematch in 1995, Josipović again lost by decision and retired from boxing.

Professional boxing record[edit]

8 Wins (4 knockouts, 4 decisions), 2 Losses (0 knockouts, 2 decisions)[5]
Result Record Opponent Type Round Date Location Notes
Loss 4-0 Croatia Asmir Vojnovic PTS 10 17/06/1995 Croatia Zagreb, Croatia Croatia Cruiserweight Title.
Loss 3-0 Croatia Asmir Vojnovic UD 10 10/12/1994 Croatia Rijeka, Croatia Croatia Cruiserweight Title.
Win 6-12-1 Belgium Albert Toma TKO 3 09/04/1992 Italy Celano, Abruzzo, Italy
Win 38-12-3 United States Matthew Saad Muhammad PTS 8 09/05/1991 Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Novi Sad, Yugoslavia
Win 18-21-4 United Kingdom Dave Owens UD 8 17/02/1991 Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Prijedor, Yugoslavia
Win 17-6-2 Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Kemper Morton PTS 8 17/01/1991 Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Sarajevo, Yugoslavia
Win 1-26-3 Zaire Kabunda Kamanga TKO 4 22/11/1990 Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Zenica, Yugoslavia
Win 17-17 Belgium Yves Monsieur KO 6 04/10/1990 Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Banja Luka, Yugoslavia
Win 8-17-3 Suriname John Held PTS 8 25/08/1990 Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Bihać, Yugoslavia
Win 4-8-3 Belgium Renald De Vulder TKO 4 12/07/1990 Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Doboj, Yugoslavia

Personal life[edit]

He later became a sports journalist and covered Holyfield's career.[6] In 1997, he was shot and seriously wounded by an unidentified assailant in the Bosnian (Republika Srpska) town of Banja Luka.[7]


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