Anton Lajovic

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Anton Lajovic

Anton Lajovic (1878 in Vače – 1960 in Ljubljana) was a Slovenian composer. He was noted for his Lieder[1] and was influenced by the late-romantic French school.[2]


  1. ^ Andrej Rijavec Twentieth century Slovene composers 1975 "Compositionally , a number of personalities come to the fore: Risto Savin (1858-1948) with his operas, Anton Lajovic (1878-1960) with his lieder, and Janko Ravnik (1891) , especially with his refined piano works."
  2. ^ Jim Samson The Late romantic era: from the mid-19th century to World War I 1991 "At times, too, they responded to modern French harmonic techniques, as in some of the music of Anton Lajovic (1878-1960)"