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Anton Möller, Model of the World and Gdańsk Society, National Museum, Poznań, 1600

Anton Möller (1563 – January 1611) was a German painter and draughtsman.


Möller was born in Königsberg. He began at 15 years old (22 April 1578), a seven-year apprenticeship in Prague at the court of Rudolf II, Holy Roman Emperor. During this time he frequently copied works by Albrecht Dürer. Reviewing stylistic changes in his works, it is presumed he traveled in 1585 to 1587 Italy (especially Venice), and on his return spent some time in the Low Countries (especially Antwerp and Amsterdam) as well.

He primarily painted allegorical, historical and biblical scenes and portraits. He also produced a number of woodcuts. He created ceiling, wall and panel paintings for town halls, churches and museums, as well as portraits for private clients, including engravings, woodcuts, pen and ink drawings.

Close in time to the completion of the wing-altar of the Katharinenkirche (St Catherine's Church, Gdańsk), Möller died in Danzig (Gdańsk) in 1611.[1] His tomb is located in Oliwa Cathedral in Gdańsk.


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