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Anton Terentiovych Prykhodko, born in the Poltava Governorate in 1891, was the Chief Judge of the Council of People's Commissars of Ukrainian SSR until December 31, 1933. One of his major cases was the Union for the Freedom of Ukraine process for which he served as the Head of the Supreme Court of the Ukrainian SSR.

He was a Ukrainian representative in the government of the Soviet Union (May 1922 to November 1924). On December 31, 1933 Prykhodko was arrested in Kharkiv and on January 27, 1939 died in Syktyvkar, Komi ASSR. On December 6, 1957 Prykhodko was posthumously rehabilitated by the Military Court of the Kiev Military District.

On May 5, 1990 the newspaper Leninska zmina printed martyrolog section on its pages where included the name of Prykhodko, stating that place and circumstances of his death is unknown. His certification of death was only issued on May 23, 1957. however, contains three names of Anton Terentiovych Prykhodko. All three names may be possibly related.

  • (i) Born 1891 (1892), stanitsa Novorozhdestvenskaya Kuban Oblast; a convict of Ukhtpechlag.
  • (ii) Born 1891. higher education. Jurist, Journalist.
    • Sentenced by Tr.OGPU June 4, 1934 by the Article 54-11 of the Criminal Code of Ukrainian SSR.
    • Verdict: 10 years ITL (correctional-labor camps). Start of sentence December 31, 1933. Detained in Vaihach expedition of OGPU. (Source: Archives of NIC "Memorial", Saint Petersburg)
  • (iii) Born 1892. Krasnodar Krai, stanitsa Novorozhdestvenskaya; Ukrainian; unfinished higher education; member of VKP(b) 1916 - 1920, simultaneously - Borotbist; jurist, deputy Narkom of Justice, deputy Prosecutor General of Ukrainian SSR, Head of Arbitrage Commission for the Council of People's Commissars of Ukrainian SSR. Resided: Ukrainian SSR, city of Kharkiv, 14 Pushkin Street, apt.10
    • Arrested: December 31, 1933
    • Sentence: troika GPU of Ukrainian SSR on June 4, 1934 by Article 54-6-11 (participant of the Ukrainian counterrevolutionary organization).
    • Verdict: 10 years ITL. Shot January 29, 1938. Place of burial - Arkhangelsk city. Rehabilitated December 6, 1957. (Source: Database about victims of purges in Kharkiv Oblast (Ukraine))

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