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Anton Rubinstein Competition Participants 1910

The Anton Rubinstein Competition is the name of a music competition that has existed in two incarnations. It was first staged in Russia between 1890 and 1910, and prizes were awarded for piano playing and composition. Since 2003 it has been run in Germany as a piano competition only.

Original competition[edit]

The original Anton Rubinstein Competition was staged by Anton Rubinstein himself every five years from 1890 to 1910.[1] The winners of the piano competition usually received a white Schroeder piano as the prize. Winners include:

According to The Musical Times of October 1, 1910, the Fifth International Competition for the Rubinstein prize commenced on August 22. Two prizes of 5,000 francs were offered, for composition and for piano playing. The two successful competitors were both German musicians - Emil Frey (as composer; he was actually Swiss) and Alfred Hoehn, professor at the Hoschsche Konservatorium in Frankfurt (as pianist; he was actually Austrian). Diplomas for excellence in piano playing were awarded to Arthur Rubinstein, Emil Frey and Alexander Borovsky. The Board of Examiners consisted of only Russian musicians. Alexander Glazunov, Chairman of the Jury, presented the awards.

The first prize for pianists graduating from Saint Petersburg Conservatory was named after Rubinstein as well; Maria Yudina recalled that she and her classmate Vladimir Sofronitsky had won the prize in 1920.[3]

Revived competition[edit]

Since 2003, the "Anton G. Rubinstein" International Piano Competition has been revived in Dresden, Germany. Winners include:

  • 2003: Venezuela Gabriela Martinez
  • 2005: Ukraine Kateryna Titova
  • 2007: Kazakhstan Amir Tebenikhin
  • 2009: Ukraine Alexej Gorlatch [4]
  • 2012: China Hao Zhu [5]


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