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Anton Sanko is a music composer, orchestrator and producer born in New York City. He has been writing music for films since 1991.

He scored Ouija for Blumhouse/Universal, Jessabelle for Blumhouse/Lionsgate, and Visions, also for Blumhouse/Universal. He is working on The Naturalist for PBS.[1]

Life and career[edit]

Sanko’s prominent production credits include producing and writing with Suzanne Vega on Solitude Standing and Days of Open Hand, and producing and writing on Jim Carroll’s last album Pools of Mercury. He has also produced Lucy Kaplansky, Anna Domino and Skeleton Key.[1]

Sanko has composed for many TV series and documentaries, notably the score for Big Love, Masters of Horror, and the epic seven-part global programming television event Great Migrations for National Geographic which aired on the National Geographic Channel in November 2010.[1][2]

Sanko's first film that he composed was the 1991 HBO TV-movie Women & Men 2. More notable film scores that Sanko is responsible for include the 2012 horror film The Possession, 2013's Nurse 3D, and 2014's Ouija.[1][2]

He resides in Los Angeles.[1]

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