Anton Schlembach

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His Excellency
Anton Schlembach
Bishop emeritus of Speyer
Bischof Schlembach.jpg
Bishop Emeritus Anton Schlembach
Archdiocese Bamberg
Province Bamberg
Diocese Speyer
See Speyer
Predecessor Friedrich Wetter
Successor Karl-Heinz Wiesemann
Personal details
Born 7 February 1932
Nationality German
Denomination Catholic
Alma mater University of Würzburg

Anton Schlembach (born 7 February 1932 in Münnerstadt, Bavaria) is bishop emeritus and the 95th Bishop of Speyer.[1]

Schlembach was born in Großwenkheim, in Münnerstadt, Germany in the archdiocese of Würzburg. There he became vicar general.[1]

Childhood and education[edit]

Anton Schlembach was born in Unterfranken, the oldest of four children in a farm family. After graduating in 1950, from the Humanist Gymnasium in Miltenberg, he studied Catholic theology at the University of Würzburg and at the Papal University in Rome. He was ordained as a priest of Würzburg on 10 October 1956[2] with Cardinal Franz König. In 1959 he was awarded doctorate of theology.

As Bishop of Speyer[edit]

On 25 August 1983[2] Pope John Paul II named him the successor to bishop Friedrich Wetter. He ascended to the office on 16 October 1983[2] in the Speyer cathedral, consecrated by his predecessor Friedrich Wetter, Archbishop of Munich.[1]

Pope Benedict XVI agreed to his retirement, effective 10 February 2007.[1][2]


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Catholic Church titles
Preceded by
Friedrich Wetter
Bishop of Speyer
Succeeded by
Karl-Heinz Wiesemann