Antoni Abad

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Antoni Abad talking at Radio Web MACBA.
Abad's installation, "Mesures d'emergència" (Emergency Measures, 2010) in the Barcelona metro's Vall d'Hebron station.

Antoni Abad i Roses (born 1956 in Lleida) is a Spanish artist. He began his career as a sculptor, and evolved over time towards video art and later in and other forms of new media.[1]


Abad was born in 1956 in Lleida, Spain.[2][3][4] Abad's artistic training began with the teachings of his father, followed by a degree in Art History from the University of Barcelona (1979), and studies of engraving in Cuenca, London and Perugia.

Art career[edit]

His work has evolved away from a traditional sculptural practice[5][6] to the use of new technologies, and in particular the creation of community-based artworks using cell phones.[7][8] He moved also from photography to video art, followed by interest in computers He uses Internet as a creative & research platform. Antoni Abad's expresses the desire to formal experimentation around the concepts of space and time, always present in his work, not exempt lately of certain ironic and critical aspects.[9]


Some of his most important exhibits:



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