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Antoni Corone is an American actor and producer who lives in Hollywood, Florida.

He was raised in Willoughby and Wickliffe, Ohio. When character player Corone launched his screen career in the mid-1980s, producers immediately foresaw a perfect niche for him, and started casting him as rugged, slightly imposing and domineering types - including club bouncers, security personnel, military men, and officers of the law. He bowed with a slate of roles in 1986, including the telemovie Charley Hannah, and following a star turn in the English TV comedy Only Fools and Horses for its Christmas 1991 blockbuster "Miami Twice", where he played a mafia don's son Rico Ochetti, he eventually graduated to big-screen character actor with bit parts in such A-list Hollywood features as Blood and Wine, Striptease, Bad Boys II, and Out of Time. Corone rose to higher billing with a supporting turn in the Joaquin Phoenix/Mark Wahlberg crime saga We Own the Night.

He is also known for playing the Italian mobster Frank Urbano in the HBO series Oz.

More recently, he can be seen in Reservation Road, 2008's Recount, the Paul Greengrass war drama, Green Zone and the 2014 TV series The Red Road.

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