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Antoni Hawełka's store Pod Palmą (2007)
Historical image of Antoni Hawełka's store Pod Palmą
Old interior view of Pod Palmą

Antoni Hawełka (17 January 1840 - 14 January 1894) was a Polish merchant and caterer, born in Kęty.


Hawełka was the founder of a well-known restaurant Pod Palmą (Under the Palm) on the Main Market Square in Kraków. He opened a colonial store first in 1876, at Rynek 46, and than moved to Krzysztofory Palace at Rynek 35 in order to expand his business, and added a restaurant to his already popular venue. Hawełka traded in the region, and outside of it as well. For his services he was given an imperial warrant and became a purveyor to the imperial court in Vienna.[1]

He also donated money to the renovation of the Chapel of St. Anthony in St. Mary's Basilica, Kraków. A memorial plaque was placed on the right side of the altar.[2]

He was laid to rest in Rakowicki Cemetery.[3]

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