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Symon Petliura and Antoni Listowski.

Antoni Listowski (29 March 1865, Warsaw - 13 September 1927, Warsaw) was a Polish military officer. He reached the rank of general and took part in the Polish-Soviet War.[1]

General Antoni Listowski won the battle for Pinsk in March 1919 commanding the 9th Infantry Division.[2][3] The city was taken over in a late-winter blizzard with considerable human losses sustained by his 34th Infantry Regiment who forced the Bolsheviks to retreat to the other side of the river.[4][5][6][7][8][9]

General Antoni Listowski, was a professional officer who had served in the Tsarist army. He had had wide experience on the front and possessed the temperament of an ardent fighter, particularly valuable when directing the kind of manoeuvres necessary in a war conducted on the country's borders. If it was a question of the operational problem of the 9th Division, then replacing Listowski with Sikorski was a very rash move. — Józef Lewandowski [8]


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