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Antoni Muntadas
Antoni Muntadas i Enric Franch durant el muntatge de Between the Frames The Forum al MACBA, 2011.jpg
Antoni Muntadas and Enric Franch during the assembly of the ehibit Forum Between the Frames, at MACBA, in Barcelona.
Born 1942
Known for installation art and new media art

Antoni Muntadas (born in 1942 in Barcelona) is a multidisciplinary installation and media artist. Since 1971, Muntadas has lived and worked in New York. Muntadas was a Research Fellow at the Center for Advanced Visual Studies at MIT from 1977 to 1984, and is currently Professor of the Practice at the MIT Program in Art, Culture and Technology. His work has been exhibited widely, including the Museum of Modern Art, the Gwangju Biennale, the Venice Biennale, Documenta 6 and Documenta X.

Through his work Muntadas addresses social, political and communications issues such as the relationship between public and private space. His works also often investigate channels of information and the ways they may be used to censor or promulgate ideas.[1]

In 1995, he was awarded an Ars Electronica Honorary Mention for his well-known work "The File Room".[2] It is an early and ongoing Internet art project, started in 1994, consisting of an open database of cases of censorship. Another long-term work, "On Translation",[3] deals with language and the notion of translation, interpretation and transcription. The project was realized in various formats over the years, including several different exhibitions and a website hosted by the seminal Internet art gallery äda'web.

Muntadas is represented by Kent Fine Art in New York. Recently he won the Visual Arts prize "Vasconcelos" in Spain


  • "Eleven" at Kent Fine Art, 2011, New York
  • "Multiplier, Médiatiser" at the Cneai, 2000, Chatou, France


  • "Fear, Panic, Terror", 2010 : a series of 5 prints published and produced by mfc-michèle didier.
  • "Antoni Muntadas" artnet.



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