Antoni Pellicer

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Antoni Pellicer (Barcelona, 1851 - Buenos Aires, 1916) was a Catalan writer and anarchist.

He worked as a printer for 11 years. Inspired by Mikhail Bakunin, he joined the Spanish Regional Federation of the AIT. In 1869 he was appointed secretary of the "Union of Noógrafos of Barcelona" and the Federation Alliance.

Exile and Return to Spain[edit]

Between 1871 and 1875 he lived in Mexico, Cuba and the United States. Back in Barcelona, in the year 1879 he participated in the founding of the Typographical Society and constitution of the Federation of the Region Spanish (FTRE) in Barcelona in September 1881, which was part of the federal commission.


  • In the ball (En lo ball)
  • Jealousy (Celos)
  • Jo vaig,
  • The Death of the proletarian (La mort de la proletària)
  • Sense Esperança
  • Garibaldi . History nineteenth century liberal
  • Popular lectures on sociology