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Antoni Tomiczek (November 13, 1915 – November 19, 2013) was a Polish pilot of World War II.

Short Biography[edit]

Tomiczek was born in Pstrążna in Silesia. His parents were Francis Tomiczek (an employee of the Coal Mine in Rydułtowy) and his wife Marianna (née Szymiczek). From 1922–1930 he attended school in Pstrążna. After graduating, he joined the School of Infantry NCOs to minors in Konin. He took part in addressing Zaolzie in October 1938. Immediately after, he was directed to the course instructors to Warsaw (theoretical) and Radom (practical training). In November 20, 1946, the Antoni Tomiczek ended his service in the Polish Air Force to the extent Polish and English Ensign Warrant Officer. He decided to return to the country and on May 12, 1947, for the first time in many years, he stood on Polish soil in Gdańsk. He returned to Upper Silesia, in the homeland. He later belonged to the Association of South Polish Airmen in Jaworzno and Senior Aviation Club in Katowice. For actions in combat during World War II he was twice awarded the Cross of Valour and the Medal of the Yugoslav Medalja "Smrt fasizmu – Sloboda of the Nation," while the war and the Knight's Cross of Merit Officer's Cross of the Polish Revival and the Order of Merit for the Katowice Province.

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