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Antonia Brickell had a 17-year career in radio as a British radio personality. She presented and produced programmes for the BBC in London, Yorkshire, Northamptonshire, Cambridgeshire and most recently across the Eastern Counties. She started out with GWR commercial radio (which is now Heart radio).


Originally from London, Antonia began in radio on the breakfast show at Q103 Cambridge.[1]


She presented an evening show, then the breakfast show on Radio Northampton[1] from 2001 to 2003.


She presented late nights on BBC London, as well as early breakfast, mid-mornings and weekends at BBC Northampton.


Antonia settled for a time in South Yorkshire when she was offered a job presenting Radio Sheffield's lunchtime slot from March 10, 2003.[1]

From there she was moved to a breakfast show alongside local comic Toby Foster on 20 September 2004.[1] That show continued for a few months, before the two presenters were given their own slots, which ran back-to-back on the station's weekday schedule. Antonia presented Breakfast and Toby presented Mid-mornings.


After Radio Sheffield, Antonia moved to Radio Cambridgeshire [2] where she presented Antonia Brickell's Drivetime. Antonia left BBC Cambridgeshire and moved on to work for the BBC College of Journalism mentoring radio presenters. She also worked in media training, voice-overs and regularly sat in for Sue Marchant; who presented a BBC regional radio evening show, across the East of England.[3]

Since 2011 Antonia has worked as Head of Communications for Magpas Air Ambulance.[4]


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