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Fresco by Campi in the church of San Sigismondo, Cremona
St Jerolamus (1563)

Antonio Campi (c. 1522 – 1587) was an Italian painter of the Renaissance.

He was born in Cremona. His style merges Lombard with Mannerist styles. In Cremona, his extended family was the foundation of the Cremonese school of painting. Giulio Campi and Antonio were reportedly half-brothers[citation needed], while Vincenzo Campi was a full brother. Bernardino Campi may have been a relative. All were active as painters. Among Antonio's pupils are Galeazzo Ghidoni, Ippolito Storto, Giovanni Battista Belliboni, and Giovanni Paolo Fondulo.

Partial anthology of works[edit]

  • The Mystery of the Passion of Christ, [1]
  • Gaius Mucius Scaevola (drawing of Roman voluntarily placing hand into fire),[2]
  • Virgin and Child with Saints
  • Saint Jerolamus (San Gerolamo) (1563)
  • The Martyrdom of Saint Lawrence (1581)
  • Nude Woman (drawing)
  • Studies of an Old Woman's Face and a Leg (drawing)
  • Francesco Sfondrati (drawing)


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